Sunday, 9 October 2011


Years ago I gave Geogaddi a try and didn't like it. But recently I find I'm getting quite into Boards of Canada. Maybe it's the influence of liking their label mates Broadcast that has brought me round to giving them another whirl. Since last week I've been mesmerised by this track.

I looked into buying it - but have you ever tried getting their stuff on vinyl? Good Lord! I'd maintained a vinyl only stance for the last few months and paid out what I regard as some reasonably hefty prices, $54 for the Human Beinz Evolutions, 230 Kronor for Gene Harris' The 3 Sounds (only about £21 actually, but it sounds horrendous in kronor). Anyway, I met my match with The Campfire Headphase. I watched another copy go on ebay for just over £64 yesterday morning.

Boards of Canada Chromakey Dreamcoat


  1. I totally approve of the vinyl only stance. I have been doing this for the last couple of years with the odd exception for new things that haven't been released on the format.
    I have noticed the price has been creeping up recently, I think that a lot more people are realising that it really iss the best and have been trying to get back all the stuff that they gave away in order to buy those shiny little silver things.
    The oly problem is space, the records are starting to take over the dining room and offending L's eyes.

  2. I'll listen to their music any way it comes. Over the past couple of years BoC have become one of my all time favourite artists. Lengthy commutes across country to work on the train everyday have made them the perfect soundtrack.

  3. Drew - I could never have afforded to replace my record collection, even if I'd have wanted to (which I didn't). But it was inevitable that as vinyl became a niche market prices would increase, and it's been going on for years. I remember thinking that £11 for a reissue of Funhouse seemed quite steep in about 1992.

    On the storage front I'm lucky I suppose, the missus finds them quite decorative. When we moved into our current place we had some shelves put up at either side of the chimney breast and they just happened to be about 13 inches deep. Hurrah!

    Simon - Hello and yes the commute is a great opportunity to get into albums that require you to kind of drift into them.

    I don't think there's anything more to it than the way it looks really, but I can't deny I'd rather have The Campfire Headphase on vinyl. But not so much so that I'd pay £60+ for it.

  4. Love BOC - and this album in particular. Check out Baltic Fleet for a home grown version of BOC meet Neu

  5. Not quite as warm and fuzzy as BOC. Is that down to the Neu influence? I've never listened to any Neu.