Saturday, 3 December 2011

Psychedelic warlock

Flipping through the latest Mojo I was most struck by a full page photo of Roy Wood (pg 105). I don't own any of his stuff (might put a bid in for Boulders) but that is one of the most impressive pop star get ups I've ever seen, just look at that hair. And I'd love a top like that. Not sure where I'd wear it though.


  1. I read a book by Simon Hattenstone (now a Guardian journalist) about his childhood when he was very ill and misdiagnosed - he was obsessed with Wizzard & their music was one of the things that got him through. I've always felt fond of them since then...

  2. Annie! Never heard of it, sounds a bit gruelling but now you've drawn my attention to it it'll probably jump out at me next time I go to the library.