Monday, 5 December 2011


Thinking about all the music that's ever been released you think, "There must be tons of great stuff out there that I've got no idea about". In the past I've been vaguely aware of bands, will have heard what's regarded as their classic track or something but only come round to appreciating their full awesomeness years later.

Sometimes though you find an amazing band of whose existence, like some lost tribe in the Amazon, you'd had no inkling. This happened to me a few months back with The Young Rascals. The "Where have you been hiding this band?" is made all the better, I think, by the fact that they were pretty famous in America.

They're a bit Small Faces, starting off quite straight soul belters, then getting a bit weird and psychedelic and this tune is from round about the time they pop out the other side.

The Young Rascals Easy Rollin'


  1. You've hit the n on the h. There is tons of great stuff out there. Will we find it? Probably not. But by reading your charming blog from week to week I'm sure I'll give some of it 'a good coat of looking at.'

  2. Cheers John. Charming? How my mother would chortle.

  3. Groovin' (is the Young Rascals song in my library).

  4. Rol! They did so many great tunes I agonized (a bit) over which one to post. I so nearly posted Find Somebody and, thinking about it again, I really should have posted What Is The Reason, in fact I might...