Friday, 9 October 2009

Any colour you like

I went to the shop yesterday afternoon to get a banana and a chocolate bar to go with my mid afternoon cup of tea. I had a hankering for a Double Decker bar. Annoyingly the only Double Decker on offer was one of those Duo bars. More chocolate than I wanted for more than I really wanted to pay. They arrived a few weeks ago and I'd noticed that supplies of the regular sized bars were dwindling. So much for choice. And the obesity epidemic and Supersize Me. Chocolate bars should be getting smaller if anything.


  1. At the local store there are these wonderful English flap jacks. Jenny and I absolutely love them. With berries without chocolate. We got a taste for them when living in Brighton. It was incredible, we thought. They where so fat (Swedish flapjacks are too healthy) and tasted so good. Every time when walking around the city or at concerts or pubs late in the night etc we use to eat them (really a demanding time, that). An eccentric city, Brighton, if you have tons of money to spend (which we had for some strange reason at the time). Anyway, image our happiness when we found out that real flap jacks finally had arrived to Sweden.

  2. To my shame I've never made it down to Brighton - it'd probably take me about an hour. The Thames still smells of the sea where I am but I need to go to the seaside.

    Flapjacks are great aren't they. I had my favourites at a place just round the corner from where I used to work. I was in the neighbourhood a while back and popped in. The management and the flapjacks had changed. Just up the road I tried Chap-a-nash, self proclaimed makers of the best falafel in London (I happened to agree). And the whole place was gone. Oy Vey!

  3. i agree and i share your love of the double decker. i like the biscuit and nougat combination.

  4. I love flap jacks too, but my favorite candy are that banana flavoured thing. I dodn't remeber the English words.

    I have been to London but the only thing I remember from it was when an actor from the royal shakesepare company told me I would be a good Julia. Why Julia? I asked.He said women was always played by men at this time.
    I had a beard at that time. quite large.

  5. Charles - I can't take much plain old chocolate anymore, it has to be leavened with some biscuitiness. Apart from Christmas Day, when tradition demands that I eat an entire Terry's chocolate orange before breakfast.

    Jukka - Can't think of what the banana thing might be and I like banana flavoured stuff, so that's odd. As for your bearded Julia - what a loss to the London stage.