Thursday, 29 October 2009

Question Time makes me want to smoke crack

Just caught the last 20 minutes of Question Time - God, Jacqui Smith's absolutely terrible. The look in her eyes when she defended her decision to ignore the ACMD's advice on cannabis classification. Apparently other factors had to be taken into consideration. Like the fact that she and the rest of the government are scared to death of the tabloid press. Generally she just comes across so badly: unreasonable and graceless. On whatever topic she talks about she gives the impression that her knowledge of it is about a millimetre deep. Yet Labour quite often wheel her out, I don't get it.


  1. Artog, you are spot on about Smith and it is utterly deplorable to ask for the views of independent scientific advisors then totally ignore what they tell you, What is the point?

  2. It's no longer that big an issue for me personally but it's so frustrating to see reason being shoved aside by self righteous moral posturing. It's all the more sickening that the spin that Alan Johnson's putting on it is that he's making a big brave decision in going against the Professor's advice - the truth is that he lacks the courage to address the problem once and for all.

    I wouldn't mind him going against the advice if his arguments for doing so were at all cogent. As it is it just consists of him shouting "He's wrong" in a louder and louder voice. Offence clearly being deemed the best form of defence. I've never said this about a Labour minister before (not even Mandelson) but I think Johnson would get his just deserts if he were forced to resign over this.