Friday, 16 October 2009

Death of a Robot

Today, after eleven years of intermittent pursuit, I got my hands on "Death of a Robot" by E.A.R. - their tribute to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, but really to the late Delia Derbyshire, a women who could have been described as the thinking electronic music fan's crumpet. Sorry, I shouldn't detract from her sonic achievements - there's her definitive version of the Dr Who theme tune - the most otherwordly, I would say. And the 'dance' track among the sound clips on the link there really does sound like early acid house twenty years before its time. I'm not too fussed by the "White Noise" album though, which in contrast sounds dated.

As for the E.A.R. track - it's very Forbidden Planet and okay in an ambient sort of way. But more "Bedtime of a Robot" really. And anyway, everybody knows that dying robots sing "Daisy Daisy".

E.A.R.: Death of a Robot

So as not to end on too disappointing a note I'll move on seamlessly to Beat Happening. Utterly different music but the link is Pete Kember. I've been vaguely aware of Beat Happening for ages due to Spectrum's cover of "Indian Summer". For some reason I only decided to follow up this 16 year old lead a couple of weeks ago with the purchase of "Black Candy" and "Jamboree" (which hasn't arrived yet). Even by my own lackadaisical standards this is impressive. Anyway, Beat Happening: like the Pastels but American.

Beat Happening: Cast A Shadow

Beat Happening: Knick Knack

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