Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The first cut is the deepest (flashback)

I don’t know what’s at number one in the pop charts and I haven’t known for about twenty years, since I gave up in disgust. Despite this I thought it was a shame that the BBC scrapped Top of the Pops. I mean, how can you go wrong with that format? Anyway, when I still had the patience to watch MTV there used to be a show compered by a likeable guy with a beard, Eddy something, and on this show there was a section called “There Is No God”. Viewers wrote in with, and Eddy and his posse also came up with, tunes that they thought were amazing but that had got absolutely nowhere chart-wise.

I’ve already eulogised what would have been my entry: “Transparent Radiation” as performed by Spacemen 3 and I know I wrote a bit on Spectrum the other day. So, not wishing to become a drone rock bore, I promise this will be my final word on this particular group (probably). This is what I wanted to do on the original posting but lacked the technical capacity, however with the advent of a USB turntable, here, now, ripped from my very own personal stash:

The Red Krayola: Transparent Radiation (from The Parable of Arable Land)

The Red Krayola: Transparent Radiation (from Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans)

Spacemen 3: Transparent Radiation (from The Perfect Prescription)


  1. Hi Artog
    Great post. I picked it up thru a Spacemen3 google alert. I remember when I first heard the Red Crayola original - it made me realise what a great re-working the Spacemen's version was.
    Incidentally, the version on Sonic Sounds is also on a fantastic International Artists compilation called "Epitaph for a Legend" - I recommend it for some great Crayola and Elevators stuff, as well as some brilliant garage and blues tracks.

    Steve X

  2. Cheers Steve, I'd heard of "Epitaph for a Legend" but pre-internet never saw a copy. Sounds like it's definitely worth a punt.