Thursday, 25 June 2009

Macavity's not there

My mum and dad's cat died recently. He was 14 years old. Not a bad innings, the oldest cat they've ever had. They were understandably upset and have vowed never to get another. But now...a mouse has appeared. A cunning mouse - wise to humane traps, indifferent to even the largest lumps of cheese. It treats the kitchen as though it were his own and has even begun to encroach on the living room. My mum and dad, both into their seventies, are just no match for its agility. I suggested they borrow a neighbour's cat but they don't think that will really work.

The old cat was in pretty bad shape, his prescription for essentially the same drugs my mum is on cost more than my mum's. How can that be right? They've got you over a barrel when it comes to pets.


  1. … His death may have foreboded Michel Jackson’s death; at least you can see it as an omen. As to the subject of the mouse, I can really recommend a Westie instead of a cat, they are much more efficient rodent hunters.

    Talking about M. Jackson, who takes care of Bubbles now? I have never been a Jackson fan, but I feel sorry for the poor guy :(

  2. The poor cat had been in decline for years but Michael Jackson was a real shock - a proper news flash. It is sad - but don't cry for Bubbles, he and Jackson parted company some time ago. Not sure about the details but I think it was all fairly acrimonious.