Saturday, 6 June 2009

Please don't stand in my way

Driving home this morning I turned for quite a sharp right and the car just carried straight on. A very strange feeling. Luckily there was no one walking on the pavement I went up onto - that would have led to a very different day. I straightened the car out and sat on the verge for a few minutes with the emergency lights flicking, in anticipation of a delayed adrenaline rush or some similar shock type feelings, but they never came. I noted that I hadn't sworn during the incident, I just said "whoooaahhh" and I think I'd just had time to wonder if I was going to hit a telegraph pole before it was all over.

After a while a pedestrian (who hadn't seen me come off the road) wandered up and started to complain that I was blocking the pavement. "Sorry, I've just crashed" I said, blankly. She was alright after that and even asked if I was okay. Fine, but I think I might buy some new tyres.

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