Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Spectrum is green

As I've said before Spacemen 3 are one of my favourite groups and it's one of my milder regrets that I never got to see them live. In the aftermath of the split I saw Spiritualized (they weren't very good) and the Darkside (formed by the bass player. I was so drunk I had to lie down flat on the floor. Later I was told others had done the same, such behaviour being de rigueur among true connoisseurs of cosmic vibes).

I don't think it's out of the question that they'll reform - I read that book about them, Dreamweapon, a while back and couldn't really work out what it was that they'd broken up over. In my opinion neither have produced music anywhere near as good as Spacemen 3. It's good they've both kept busy but I find Spiritualized too overblown and Sonic Boom tends to be too abstract, though I'd say he's the one with the knack for pop. Obviously each needs the other to curb their individual excesses.

With an eye to future postings ripped from vinyl I was checking out some tunes' availability and most unexpectedly found this as a free download at last.fm: my favourite Spectrum track - one of the best guitar solos ever.

Spectrum: Lonely Avenue

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